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E & A #5  posted 09/08/99

Page 294, Equation 5-136a should read U(w) = –U(w+1).

E & A #4  posted 02/12/99

The article referenced as Napolitano et al (1998), "to appear" has been published a little later than my estimate. It is highly recommended reading for the subject.

  • Napolitano, M., Pascazio, G., and Quartapelle, L. (1999), "A Review of Vorticity Conditions in the Numerical Solution of the [vorticity and stream function] Equations", Computers and Fluids, Vol. 28, February 1999, pp. 139-185.

E & A #3  posted 02/12/99

On page 84, on the derivation of the Leith/Lax-Wendroff method by the MMOC (Modified Method of Characteristics), it is stated (after Eqn. 3-223) that linear interpolation over (i+1) and (i-1) produces the FTCS method. This is incorrect, as pointed out by Prof. B. P. Leonard. In order to derive FTCS by MMOC, one would need to use an unnatural "interpolation" that does not reproduce the node-point values at (i+1) and (i-1). In fact, linear interpolation over (i+1) and (i-1) produces the Lax method (page 263, Eqn. 5-32).

E & A #2  posted 02/12/99

The running head at the top of the verso (left) pages of Chapter 5 is incorrect. Rather than "Incompressible Flow Equations" it should be "Basic Computational Methods for Compressible Flow."

E & A #1

A recent reference for vorticity wall boundary conditions is the following.

  • Spotz, W. F. (1998), “Accuracy and Perfromance of Numerical Wall Boundary Conditions for Steady, 2D, Incompressible Stream Function Vorticity”, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids , Vol. 28, 1998, pp. 737-757.

Although not specifically noted in the paper, the results for the first-order (Thom) boundary condition are the same as for the author’s second order method (pers. comm.)

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