Dr. Catharine Stewart-Roache, D. Min.

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  • 1961 B.A. Rosary College, River Forest, Illinois
    Major: Art; Minor: Theology, Philosophy and History
  • 1962 M.A.T. (Master of Art in Teaching:major:art) University of Notre Dame
  • 1976 B.A. University of Albuquerque, (theology)
  • 1979 D. Min. (Doctor of Ministry) Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley
    (prerequisite: Master of Divinity or equivalent verified by JSTB)
  • 1987 Master in Counseling Webster University


  • 1973-74 University of New Mexico (Community College, Spanish II, IV,V)
  • 1976 Nazareth College, Kalamazoo, Mich (Counselearning Institute)
  • 1977 University of San Francisco (graduate theology)
  • 1978 North Texas State University (mental health and aging)
  • 1980 University of New Mexico (Liberation Theology)
  • 1981 UNM: Sociology of Religion
  • 1982 UNM: Conversational Spanish
  • 1983-84 St. Joseph Hospital, Pastoral Clinical Education

Continuing Education

COURSES in Jungian Psychology, Psychosynthesis, and Guided Imagry with special training in mental health of aging, hospice, drug counseling and crisis intervention. Several years of work in Scripture (Old and New Testaments) and Islam.


  • 1962-75 Teacher certification in states of Indiana, Texas and New Mexico
  • 1982 National Association of Catholic Chaplains
  • 1983 Open Water Scuba Diver (PADI)
  • 1988 C.P.R., American Red Cross
  • 1989 First Aid, American Red Cross
  • 1990 Fellow, College of Chaplains



  • 1961,62,63 South Bend, Ind. and Fort Worth, Texas (art)
  • 1973-74 Albuquerque Public School System (art)1971-72 U.of Albuquerque (art)
  • 1975-76 St.Pius High School,(theology) Mental Health
  • 1978-81 Bernalillo County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center(BCMH/MRC) Mental Health Specialist (Aging;Spiritual Needs of Elders) Volunteers in Direct Assistance (VIDA) Experience, a program I developed and  funded through NIMH to train persons workings with elderly people; the program ran two years and included ten training sessions)
  • 1980-82 Vida Hermosa (self-employed mental health counselor)
  • 1987-95 Home Counseling Associates (mental health counselor)
  • 1988-89 Contracted to Lovelace Mental Health
  • 1989-91 Contracted to LMC, Dept. of Ob-Gyn


  • 1982-87 Lovelace Medical Center, Chaplain
  • 1989-92 Chaplain, Pickard Presbyterian Convalescent Center


  • Lectures and short courses:UNM Dept of Psychiatry, Clerkship, "Mental Disorders of Elders"
  • UNM School of Nursing, Sexuality and Aging" UNM Emergency Medicine, Aging UNM Guidance and Counseling, "Death and Dying"
  • UNM Health Education Department, "Mental Health and Aging", "Psychological
  • Well-Being and Physical Activity" UNM, Human Sexuality Course (Education) UNM Dept of Sociology, "Women Emerging in Church and Society"
  • Univeristy of Albuquerque, School of Nursing, Aging,Dying, Philosophy, Ethics Albuquerque Villa Rehabilitation Center, "Female Sexuality", a three week series
  • Aquinas Newman Center, "Women and Men in Sacred Scriptures", a five week series
  • Central Methodist Church, "Christian Feminist Theology" four week series
  • Spirit in Health National conference, 1992

Training responsibilities

  • Staffs of Nursing Centers and Staffs of Shelter Care Homes (both re: Aging)
  • Staff of TVI , "Communications"
  • Hospice volunteers, Catholic Social Services
  • APS Counselors, homosexuality
  • BCMH/MRC counselors, homosexuality
  • Nursing staff, Lovelace Medical Center, ethics
  • Medical Staff, Lovelace Medical Center, ethics
  • Social Security Administration, stress
  • Catholic Social Services Volunteers
  • Home Health Care Hospice Volunteers
  • High School Counselors (re: homosexuality)
  • BCMH/MRC counselors (re: homosexuality)
  • Social Security Administration (stress management)
  • Survivors of Suicide, 1-2 times per year over 5 years



  • 1972 Thunderbird Magazine, UNM Press "Blue Norther"
  • 1973-75 Old Children of God, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • 1976 Images: Women in Transition :four poems (Janie Grana, Ed, St. Mary's College Press, Winona, Minn.)
  • 1976 Seers Weekly, "Madrid".
  • 1979 Symphony of Life, (summer) "Westminster Abbey".
  • 1983 The Little Magazine, Bear and Company (April, July),three poems.


  • 1978 Journal of Family Practice, "Right to Die: A Medical, Moral, or Legal Decision?"  (Vol. 7, no.5. 1047-1-51)
  • 1979 Symphony of Life,(winter), "Medicine Men/Women:Needs of Elders"
  • 1984 Journal of Women and Religion, Vol. 3. No.2.Berkeley, Ca. "Elements of Prayer"


  • 1972 What Are Forests For?, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, NM
  • 1973 Old Children of God, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, NM
  • 1977 Those Who Knew God, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, NM
  • 1987 attrACTIVE Woman: a physical fitness approach to emotional and spiritual well-being  co authored with Marvel Harrison, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, NM. Second Edition,
  • Parkside Publishing, Park Ridge, Illinois.
  • 1988 The New Phoebe, Sheed and Ward, Nwq York, ed. Arlene Swidler, one chapter
  • 1999 At Sea At Sixty: Reflections from a Round the World Voyage with Patrick J. Roache, Hermosa Publishers, Albuquerque, NM
  • 2009 Women to Women: A Handbook for Active Aging with Barbara Yarnell, Hermosa Publishers, Socorro, NM

Current Memberships

  • Women's Ordination Conference
  • Cousteau Societ
  • New Mexico Museum of Natural History
  • New Mexico Aquarium
  • College of Chaplains, emeritus

Past Boards

  • 1973-74 Catholic Social Services
  • 1974 Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, Chairperson
  • 1977-78 Mayor's Crime Prevention Commission
  • 1977-78 Presbyterian Hospital Auxiliary Assoc.
  • 1978-80 Churches United for the Aging, Inc.
  • 1979-81 New Mexico Senior Day Care Association
  • 1979-80 The Counseling Center
  • 1979-80 Human Services Training Advisory Council

Past Committees

  • 1985-89 Lovelace Medical Ethics Committee (co-chair, 1985-87)
  • 1986 Chairperson, New Mexico Council of Churches Task Force on Chaplaincy at UNM Hospital
  • 1989 New Mexico Health Decisions
  • 1989 Task Force on Aging and Mental Health


  • 1969 St. Ignacio Church, Communion preparation
  • 1972 St. Thomas Aquinas , C.C.D. instructor
  • 1973-75 St. Thomas Aquinas, liturgy committee
  • 1974-78 Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Permanent Deacon Training
  • 1972-76 Minister of the Eucharist, parish, nursing homes, St. Joseph Hospital
  • 1975-86 private and group pastoral counseling and retreat work
  • 1978 Commissioned as a Minister for Christian Service by Archbishop Sanchez ( after completing deacon training)
  • 1978-79 Archdiocesan Coordinator of Programs for Elders
  • 1978-81 Core Commissioner, Women's Ordination Conference
  • 1980-82 Volunteer chaplain Home Health Care hospice
  • 1979-83 Volunteer chaplain, BCMH/MRC (wards)
  • 1982-87 New Mexico Chaplains Association (President, 1989-92 1983-84).


people, travel, bicycling (Senior Olympics, 2 yrs), racquetball (Senior Olympics, 1 yr), scuba diving

ART RESUME (Click Here to see Catharine's Artwork)

In 1962 I graduated from Rosary College, River Forest, Illinois with a BA in Art. I was awarded a scholarship to the University of Notre Dame to do graduate work in art and teaching art in secondary schools. I received a Master of Art in Teaching Art in 1963 from Notre Dame and subsequently taught art in high schools in Indiana and Texas.

From 1963-1990 I was busy rearing five children and my art took the form of liturgical art (banners, vestment design and execution). I began to do what I call "waterdrawings" in 1990 and have shown them in Albuquerque (Native Art Gallery, Reynolds Gallery, Old Town, Talk of the Town, Jacques's Cafe, Courtney's Cafe), Jemez Springs (Eagle Mountain Art), Los Lunas (Valencia Artesans), Las Vegas (Tito's Gallery). I have shown my sculpture at the NM State Fair, the Albuquerque Art League, Valencia Artesans and Tome, New Mexico (the former was reviewed and advertised in the Collector's Guide, Fall 1997).

For the past five years my primary focus has been on stone sculpture. Stones with which I have worked are: alabaster, Austin limestone, and Yule marble. I have attended three of the symposium in Colorado called "marble/Marble. This is an annual event involving an international staff and about 150 stone carvers. Sculptors who could discuss my work with you are: Madeline Wiener (fax:303-693-7609), Greg Tonozzi (fax: 970-984-2490),or Kathi Caricof (303-297-1429). These founding staff members of the marble/Marble symposium have taught there for the past ten years.

I have submitted works in the following juried shows: 1994 Valencia County Country Fair (blue and red ribbons), 1996 Valencia Independent Artists Show (third place and honorable mention) and 1991 New Mexico State Fair (bronze sculpture). In the Fall of 1995 five of my sculptures were presented at the South Broadway Cultural Center in a show entitled "Gaia Speaks."

In the past five years I have sold paintings , one sculptures and several series of sketches I made on bicycle tours in the Rockies, along the Santa Fe Trail (published in Adventure Cycling magazine), in Nova Scotia, the San Juan Islands, Spain and France. Some sales were of originals and some reproductions.

I am a past member of the Belen Art League, the New Mexico Art League, and the International Sculpture Center. In Spring of 2003 I was asked to demonstrate on the Smithsonian Artrain which stopped in Belen, NM on its annual trek across America.

Slides of my art are found in the New Mexico Registry of Artists.


The earth and sea speak to me, and I respond. On paper, I respond in the forms of landscapes and marinescapes. I call my work "waterdrawings" because I use flowing lines as well as translucent color. Currently, my form of sculpting is direct stone but sometimes I make a maquette first, always allowing myself to divert from it as the stone dictates.


  • 1960 B.A. Rosary College, River Forest, Ill.
  • 1962 M.A.T. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana


  • 1961 St. Mary's Academy, Twkykingham, Indiana
  • 1961-62 Nolan High School, Forth Worth Texas
  • 1972-73 University of Albuquerque


  • 1991 New Mexico State Fair, bronze sculpture
  • 1994 Valencia County Fair, blue and red ribbon painting
  • 1997 Valencia Independent Artists Show, third place and honorable mention
  • 1999 Belen Art League, first, third sculpture


  • 1991 Native Art Gallery, Old Town SheratonReynolds Gallery, Old TownTalk of the Town, Montgomery Blvd. Abq.Russel Art Gallery (until 1994)
  • 1993 Eagle Mountain Art, Jemez Springs
  • 1994 Valencia Artisans
  • 1994 New Mexico Art League
  • 1994-5 Valencia Artisans
  • 1995 Tito's Gallery. Las Vegas, NM
  • 1995 South Broadway Cultural Center, "Gaia Speaks"
  • 1996 Tome Clay, Tome, NM
  • 1998-99 Redstone Art Gallery, Colorado


  • 1994,95,96,97.99 Marble/marble symposium, Colorado
  • 1998 Smithsonian Art Train


1991 Jacques Cafe, NM; 1991-94 Courtney's Cafe, NM


  • 1994-95 New Mexico Art League
  • 1994-97 Belen Art League
  • 1994-95 International Sculpture Center


waterdrawings, stone sculpture


Landscapes, Marinescapes (Underwater Drawings)


  • Ink Sketches (Sketching the Trail (30) Ride the Rockies (16) Camino de Santiago (13) Nova Scotia (16)
  • San Juan Islands (13)
  • France (Loire, Brittany) 20

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