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TABLE OF CONTENTS Copyright 1999 by Catharine Stewart-Roache and Patrick J. Roache

Chapter 1. Introductions

Sailing into Old Age
Dreaming from a Desert

Chapter 2. Port of Embarkation: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Our Neighbouring Country

Chapter 3. The North Pacific Ocean

My First Ocean
Crossing the Deep in Storms
Getting My Bearings

Chapter 4. Kobe and Japan   

A Coast of People
Reconstructing in Japan
Polite Japan
Communicating in Japan and the World
My Urban Problems
Modeling the Experience of Aging
Passing Thoughts

Chapter 5. The China Seas

Reflecting After Kobe
Apologizing for Hiroshima
Guilt and Personal Battles
Religion as Poetry, Religion as Politics
Core Matters

Chapter 6. Hong Kong and China   

Land of Many Dragons
Ferrying in Hong Kong
A Work of Art
Cruising The Li River
Capitalist Hustle in Communist China
Hong Kong Farewell - Auf Wiedersehen

Chapter 7. South China Sea

Conversations, Reflections, and Diversity

Chapter 8. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Vietnam

“Madame, Madame, Postcards”
The World Heritage Site of Halong Bay
The Bottom
Puzzling Out Vietnam

Chapter 9. More South China Sea and The Straits of Malacca 

Calm Waters, Unsettled Thoughts
Preparing for an Islamic Country

Chapter 10. Penang and Malaysia

Equatorial Diversity
“Take Care”
Searching for Beauty in Malaysia

Chapter 11. The Adaman Sea and Indian Ocean

Preparations for the Indian SubContinent

Chapter 12. Chennai (Madras) and India   

India, Ready or Not
Flunking India

Chapter 13. The Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea

Time for Some Heavy Thinking
Dying in India
Healing Waters

Chapter 14. The Sea of Aden, Red Sea, Suez Canal, and Mediterranean Sea

Imagining the Past

Chapter 15. Haifa and Israel   

Not So Safe Harbor
Misinformation Galore
Beautiful Galilee
On Our Own
Praying in the Evil Land
My Last Time

Chapter 16. The Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea

My God, Your God

Chapter 17. Istanbul and Turkey   

Crossroads of the World
The Bosporus River - Awaiting Armageddon
Sufi Chanting
Buying in Turkey
Big City Danger
Last Day in Istanbul

Chapter 18. The Aegean Sea and Dardenelles

Sore Throats and Hailstones
Gawking at Rainbows
Grandmother Sea

Chapter 19. Civitavecchia and Italy   

Bon Giorno, Italia!
Motoring in Italy

Chapter 20. The Mediterranean Sea, Again

Enduring Sea, Enduring Art
Land Marks

Chapter 21. Casablanca and Morocco

Last Port and New Continent
Disappointing Casablanca and Moroccan Manners
Roman Volubilis, on the Way to Fes
You Must Remember This
Leaving for Home

Chapter 22. The Atlantic Ocean   

Crossing the Deep in Tranquillity
The Last Ocean
Searching for a Mobile Sea
Degenerating Diets: Food and Other Fads
Exercising and Eating
Panning the Crowd

Chapter 23. Port of Disembarkation: Miami, Florida, U. S. A.

Docking in Miami

Chapter 24. Afterthoughts

Missing Our Floating Village
“Extreme” Lists and Currencies
Action Items
Confessions of an Optimist
So! What About Aging?
Sea Moods

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